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True financial planning provides the means to unify all aspects of your financial life. At Gordon Brook Financial, we strive to help you better understand the complexities of the financial world. Our comprehensive strategies are designed to help you achieve your goals, make more informed decisions, and strengthen your future. Whatever you may hope to achieve, we’ll help ensure your plan works in unison so you can stay focused on what matters most.

Wealth Management

For individuals seeking financial advice beyond the world of investments, we offer a holistic approach to wealth management. Too often, people are advised to “buy and hold” for seemingly infinite periods of time as their confidence and wealth erode.

That’s why we provide clients with a trusted flexibility that protects their best interests through all market conditions. Our cutting-edge approach allows us to defend our clients’ wealth by being simultaneously strategic and cautious during uncertain times. Above all, we strive to craft lasting strategies that guide you through the ever-evolving landscape of your financial life. By centering your goals and dreams at the heart of our process, our team can enhance your understanding of how financial planning, investment strategies, retirement income planning and estate planning align with your bigger picture.

Investment Management

We are dedicated to constructing and managing investment portfolios with the highest level of service. As a defining feature of Gordon Brook Financial, our wealth management strategies incorporate analytical processes to fully understand client priorities. From identifying short and long-term objectives, to assessing resources and your level of risk tolerance, we strive to first gain a deep appreciation for every aspect of your situation before offering our recommendations. While we endeavor to provide the best investment strategies, our clients will always make the final decisions.

We draw upon a broad investment universe to deliver the most effective investment plans. While providing clients with direct access to top-tier investments, our asset allocation strategies also integrate growth stock funds, bond investments, international stocks and alternative investments.

Estate Conservation

Truly comprehensive planning exceeds retirement and the transferring of wealth. At Gordon Brook Financial, we want you to have confidence that your most cherished assets will reach the people and places you hold dear. By incorporating your most cherished values, our strategic plans help ensure your estate plans fulfill your goals well beyond your lifetime and establish a financial tradition across generations.

While promoting your continued success, we will also coordinate with your tax and legal professionals to integrate all areas of your plan. When your needs evolve and circumstances change, our strategies will adapt with ease. As your advocate, we will help ensure that your plan prepares your money for your heirs, while preparing your heirs for the transfer of your wealth. Through establishing legacies, trusts, and foundations, we can also develop philanthropic strategies to maximize the longevity of your charitable giving.

Retirement Planning

Whether you’re in the prime of your career, are just a few years away from leaving the workforce, or are already retired, we can help you gain confidence that your long-term goals will be met. Our team will offer detailed projections of when you can safely retire, at what level of income, and what rate of return will be necessary to meet your retirement goals. For those already retired, we will stress-test your plan for longevity risk, helping you ensure that your desired lifestyle will be maintained throughout your future.

We have helped clients effortlessly transition from the working world into retirement. By looking at the whole picture of your life, we can develop a tailor-made plan of action that evaluates pensions and Social Security income, 401(k) plans, savings, stock options, deferred compensation, and other assets to structure a reliable income stream throughout your future.

401(k) Rollover Strategies

Whether you’re changing jobs or approaching retirement, you have a range of options to manage your assets. You can liquidate (and pay income taxes), transfer the money to a new employer plan, leave the money where it is, or roll the money over. At Gordon Brook Financial, we can help you determine if a 401(k) rollover is in your best interests. We can also help you find the right vehicle to grow and protect your hard-earned assets. Through a variety of rollover strategies, distribution plans, and tax-efficient solutions, we will help protect your lifestyle so you can fulfill your vision of retirement.

Income For Life

At Gordon Brook Financial, we can build income strategies to promote your cash flow and provide income for life. By analyzing your income trajectory, expenses, and investment returns, we will help you manage and meet your liquidity needs. Whatever you hope to achieve, we will reassess your portfolio to increase cash flow and net worth, whether it requires a change in working hours, lowered expenses or increased investment risk. Our secure income strategies are designed to help you build a stronger financial foundation and empower you through all chapters of your life. 

Protection Planning

Growing your wealth is a priority, but protecting and preserving your assets is equally important. Insurance protects your heirs in the event of your death, and it can protect you in the event of a disability or illness. As a fully independent company, our professionals can access the best insurance providers to help build a plan tailored to your situation and needs. From life and medical insurance to long-term care and disability income, we can provide a full suite of insurance policies to help you defend against the unexpected. Wherever you are in life’s journey, we can promote the continued protection of you and your loved ones.

Small Business Financial Planning

Business owners have a lot on their plate. At Gordon Brook Financial, we understand the challenges and complexities that face you and your firm. To successfully create, grow, and even exit a business, entrepreneurs require more than a generic financial plan. Though mutual funds, insurance products, and wealth management are part of the equation, business owners deserve truly comprehensive strategies that take everything into consideration.

Since our inception, we have dedicated ourselves to helping clients make accelerated and informed financial decisions for both themselves and their firms. In addition to working with individual investors, we specialize in serving entrepreneurs and small to mid-size business owners who seek to integrate all areas of their financial lives. From personal financial planning and wealth management, to trust services, business planning, exit planning, key employee incentive strategies and more, we strive to help strengthen your financial freedom.